Egg gnocchi - WauWau recipe

Eiernockerl - a typical Austrian dish.

If you want it fast and without meat, egg gnocchi are a good choice.

Often you don't have many ingredients in the house, the kids (and maybe you yourself) are already hungry. Therefore it should go fast...
Egg dumplings are the right choice, actually you only need flour, butter, eggs and milk. If there is no milk in stock, then water will do. Then it is not called Nockerl but Spätzle.

Nockerl verus spaetzle?

Another difference to spaetzle is that the dough is spread from the board into the boiling water. However, the classic method is to cut out the dough with a spoon "nockerlweise" and let it slide into the water.
Traditionally, I put the spaetzle dough into the Flotte Lotte, equipped with the Spätzle sieve, and then turn the dough through the sieve directly into the water. But, and then I'm done, there is of course a special spaetzle sieve. It has about the shape of a small pan, with openings through which you pass the dough with a spatula, also directly into the boiling water.
But, this much is certain: freshly ground pepper gives this dish the right zing, and if you feel like it, you can also grate fresh nutmeg over it.

At home, however, we divide the portion of dough into two parts, one part is made into egg gnocchi, the second part into cheese spaetzle. The gnocchi in the pan and grate cheese over it as desired, put the lid on and let the cheese melt. Purists will probably groan here and think, so one makes Käsespätzle certainly not! But I write here only about how we cook it so, the original Käsespätzle recipe may come in a separate post. Suggestions are welcome:!


For the dough:
400g non-skimmed flour
60g melted butter
250ml milk
3 eggs
salt and pepper from the mill
nutmeg from the mill
a little oil to toss the dumplings

To pour over:
250ml milk
2 eggs
salt and pepper from the mill

Pepper mill: Ben vintage blue
Salt mill: Jumsy pink
Nutmeg mill: Polly Molly walnut wood