Craft in the WauWau workshop

The WauWau workshop is located an hour's drive from Vienna in the Weinviertel (Haugsdorf). There, where handicraft has tradition, in an idyllic wine region -neighboring winegrowers- it's good to work and experiment.

This is where I make the prototypes for new series, where further development takes place, and where the mills are also made to customer specifications.

In the photo you can see me at the lathe working on an XL pepper mill, I'm just turning the receptacle for the grinder. The lathe is a Ukrainian model, but the face guard is from Utah, the turning chisels are from Stubai, Austria.

In the Westbahnstraße, in the 7th district of Vienna is the WauWau showroom and also the various devices for metalworking.

In the creation of a new mill happens at the beginning of the design process with an idea and some hand sketches. This is followed by the implementation in the workshop. For this, proper craftsmanship is important, because only then can an idea come to life and be implemented in the form of a beautiful and also practical product. Accuracy and craftsmanship are essential in the workshop, often it is not important whether the machines or tools are new or old. For example, I work with an old screw press that is well over 150 years old. It still does its job - namely punching and stamping - reliably, without electricity, only in manual operation. Regular maintenance and care is a prerequisite.


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