Nutmeg mill "Polly Molly

Nutmeg mill "Polly Molly


The WauWau "Polly Molly" Nutmeg Mill

combines functionality with beauty of form.

Not only in the kitchen a practical utensil (never again with your fingers on the grating board!), but also at the dinner table a popular accessory for seasoning side dishes such as potato , soups or salad. The nutmeg is clamped in the grinder, a steel spring presses the nutmeg against a plane iron, you turn the ball, out fall the finest chips. "Polly Molly" is available in maple wood, walnut wood, oak wood or beech stained black, the surface was oiled, the grinder comes from Switzerland.

WauWau nutmeg grinder Polly Molly equipped with an organic nutmeg.
Size: 14cm

Delivery time EU: 3-5 working days


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