Our pepper grinder

WauWau pepper grinder

A precision grinder from our own production

The pepper grinder of the WauWau pepper mills...

...come from our own production and are the result of many years of experience and development in our own workshop.
At first glance, such a grinder seems quite simple, but the efficiency and durability are in the details.

In principle, the peppercorns in the grinder are first coarsely broken, then finely ground. The pepper grinder therefore consists of two stages: first the coarse toothing, in which the peppercorn is drawn in by the grinding cone and coarsely broken. Then, the rotary motion of the cone transports the grain further to the lower region of the grinder, where fine toothing ensures that the grist is ground into fine grist.

Adjustment screw at the bottom

By means of a screw located on the underside of the grinder, it is possible to change the degree of grinding very easily. Turned clockwise, the screw reduces the distance between the grinding cone and the grinding ring, which results in a finer grind. Turned counterclockwise, the distance increases and coarser pepper particles trickle out.

In addition, the hood centers the grinding cone and thus guarantees the longevity of the grinding mechanism. If this centering is missing, it can happen that the irregularly distributed grinding material (when the mill is almost empty) presses the grinding cone against the grinding ring at one point. Then metal rubs against metal: the teeth of the grinder become blunt! This cannot happen with a WauWau grinder!

Production here in Vienna, of course!

The stainless steel blanks are CNC turned here in Vienna, the teeth of the grinder are precisely planed in the WauWau workshop on a pusher plane from 1952.
The WauWau grinder combines efficiency with durability: so peppering is fun!

Pepper grinder update 2020

WauWau pepper grinder


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