Our coffee grinder

We also produce the coffee grinder in our own workshop

Not all grinders are the same

Unlike a pepper grinder - also a cone grinder - the coffee grinder must be able to grind much more consistently.

Beanie grinder mood

And not only that, also finer.

Grinding consistency is important for uniform extraction

The ground product becomes consistent when the grinder can be set as precisely as possible and also maintains this setting. It is therefore important that the grinding cone always remains centered and cannot wander back and forth. Most coffee grinders therefore have an axle centering device, albeit made of plastic, which will probably either become brittle and break over time, or rubbed out by the rotation of the grinding axle, and thus no longer centered. The axle of our coffee grinder is centered on the one hand by a bush made of bearing bronze, and on the other hand at the bottom by the pin of the adjusting screw.

Durability due to high quality material

The grinder itself, i.e. the grinding ring and grinding cone, are made of stainless steel. This material is very tough and relatively hard (thus costly to produce), but we do not have to re-treat it and coat it with various materials. These would possibly wear off over time.

A coffee grinder with fine adjustment

The grinder of the WauWau coffee grinder can be adjusted very finely by means of an adjustment screw. The thread of the screw is an M5 fine thread, the fine pitch reduces or increases the distance between the grinding cone and the grinding ring in very small steps. This allows the grinder to be adjusted very precisely as desired.
The screw is then fixed by a lock nut, which can be tightened and thus locks the hood.

WauWau coffee grinder: handling/quantity

We have tried to design the grinding cone in such a way that the beans are drawn in regularly. The crank should not be too short or too long. The longer, the easier it is to turn the grinder, but it becomes more unsteady to hold.
We are currently working on a second grinding cone that can handle twice as much grind in the same amount of time, but this grinder takes a lot more effort to operate - not everyone's cup of tea.
But I think we have found a good compromise, it grinds very "liquid" and the beans are processed in a very good quantity. After all, it's supposed to be fun.

And it's fun! Go for it!