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WAUWAU pepper mills - an Austrian manufacture.

Pepper with moderation and style !

Designer Thomas Kreuz specializes in pepper mills and has been running the production for ten years. The shapes are designed differently, on the one hand the daring, original mill like Hot Pepper 122 or 40s Poloon the other hand the elegant, discreet but exclusive shape of Peppers Delight.

We now produce the grinder ourselves in our own workshop in Vienna. Due to the precise milling, the mill grinds much more pepper than conventional, and is also suitable for the cook. By means of an adjustment screw at the bottom of the mill, the degree of fineness can be precisely regulated (and does not adjust permanently as in mills whose screw is mounted on top).

The chili grinder is also made in our own workshop and is designed for dried chili peppers. It breaks the pod into small flakes and facilitates the sharpness dosage just at the table. WauWau chili grinders >>>

WAUWAU pepper mills are thus not only an ornament for the home - they also function for a lifetime due to their high quality standard.


Travel pepper mill mini

WauWau Hot Chilli Mill

Pepper mill Stella


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