Spaghetti alla Carbonara - Cooking with Sby

Spaghetti alla Carbonara!

Sby from shows us the real carbonara - actually not that complicated.

The WauWau workshop in Westbahnstraße has a small kitchen, that's where we shoot our cooking videos, that's also where we have a good time (as you can see in the video)!

We are always looking for special recipes, especially for dishes with an important basic ingredient: pepper. Italian cuisine has a lot to offer, of course you can find many cookbooks on this topic, but here around the corner a cooking enthusiastic Italian has his store: Sby from And as we stand together and chat about cooking ideas, he suggests that we cook spaghetti alla carbonara. Carbonara like the Nonna in Rome always cooked it. Not with whipped cream and such, but with Guanciale Romano, a special bacon (I think from the neck of the pig), which on the one hand is very fat, but then is a bit infused with meat. Moreover, this bacon is not smoked, but traditionally air-dried. And this accounts for much of the flavor.
And when an Italian is willing to reveal kitchen secrets, you can't think twice. That's how this video was made, I was allowed to assist, so pepper.

The result can be seen and tasted. As you can see in the video, we load ourselves neat portions on the plates, these spaghetti alla carbonara are filling, but are not heavy in the stomach as you might think. To be on the safe side, we then drank white wine with it, a GV from Sailer from the Weinviertel.
All in all, this spaghetti is cooked quite quickly and is therefore well suited for a quick lunch. Important above all are then but also the noodles, there you should already reach for a better quality. The fewer ingredients a dish has, the more important is the quality of the ingredients.

Here are only briefly listed the ingredients, the amount is actually a matter of feeling, rather a little more than too little.

Guanciale Romano
Pasta di Gragnano
Pecorino Romano
2 egg yolks (for 2 servings)
Pepper from the mill (preferably an organic Tellichery, available at WauWau)
Salt for the water

Buon appetito!