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  • Grind eggshells?!
    Video on the subject ''Grind eggshells'',  with WauWau pepper mill.
  • Grind caraway??

    Can I grind cumin with a pepper mill?

  • Grind long pepper (piper longum)

    Can I grind long pepper with a conventional pepper mill?

    The pepper grinder is in and of itself adjusted to the size of classic round peppercorns. These can be well drawn in, then broken and then finely ground. Long pepper is too large to be captured optimally, so I recommend breaking the peppers one or two times and then fill in the mill. If the pepper is not properly dried and therefore too elastic and not crisp hard, it is recommended to re-dry it, either in the dehydrator or in the oven gently at about 50°C. Then it should actually work.  
  • Can I make lemon pepper myself?

    Can I make lemon pepper myself?

    Lemon pepper is a mixture of peppercorns and dried lemon peel.

    Peel organic lemons with a potato peeler, then dry them in the dehydrator for about 10 hours at 50 ° C until they are really crisp dry. Then crush them a little and put them together with the pepper into the grinder. The grinder now grinds both the pepper and the lemon peel. This results in a fruity, tart, but also sharp flavor. Lemon pepper goes well with fish, avocado, squash, and of course, freshly grated onto grilled steak! If you prefer to buy the lemon pepper packaged, here is the Link>>
  • Can you make a phone call with a pepper mill?
    Yes, you can!
  • Can you also grind herbs?

    Can you grind various herbs in a WauWau pepper mill?

    In principle, a pepper grinder is designed for the size and consistency of peppercorns. The stainless steel grinder has openings at the top, which draw in the peppercorn by the rotary motion, then the grain is broken and subsequently finely ground. Now if herbs are different size, they may not be drawn in correctly and the grinder will not grind efficiently. Other spices - like juniper berries (also the red schinus berries) - tend to smear the grinder. There's only one thing that helps then: empty the mill and refill with real pepper and grind through. Then the mill should work again. If the grinder is too gummed up that it no longer grinds, only complete cleaning of the teeth helps, if you do not want to do this yourself, I can do it for you in the store.
  • Why a WauWau pepper mill?

    What distinguishes a WauWau pepper mill from conventional mills?

    WauWau pepper mills are not only beautifully designed and fit well in the hand, they are also designed for efficiency and durability. We also produce the grinder ourselves, in Vienna. The inner workings of the mill are made entirely of stainless steel. We do not use plastic parts, which are much cheaper to produce, but plastic becomes brittle over time. Also manufacturers of ceramic grinders mostly use plastic parts, ceramic is only the grinding ring and the grinding cone. An adjustment screw on the bottom of the mill is responsible for the grind, the screw is easy to use and allows you to adjust the grind of the pepper as desired - from coarse to fine. Most WauWau mills are filled from the top, and there the grind cannot be adjusted by mistake. The grinding cone is centered by the adjusting screw, so it cannot happen that irregularly filled grinding material presses the cone against the wall of the grinding ring and dulls the teeth.