Model brothel #MB0120

Model brothel #MB0120


"Model Bordello" brings pepper to the table!!! Hand-painted pepper mill from the house WauWau with erotic motif.

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Model brothel: colorful hustle and bustle at the mill

A WauWau pepper mill with erotic motifs

This special pepper mill from the house WauWau was hand-painted with erotic motifs.
We admit, probably in a brothel of the present is quite different than depicted, but our artist Stoyan Dobrev has been inspired (we did not ask him where...).

We think he managed the scenery quite well!
The mill is kept in the colors black and white, only the ball on top puts a color accent.
At the head of the mill you can see the representation of two nymphs. In the lower area there are several people, actually three: a man in rural costume and two rather scantily clad ladies. The atmosphere seems relaxed, man and women motivated. Alcohol is also involved.

The drawing style of the artist Stoyan Dobrev is graphic, with light shading. In the style you can definitely see modernity, reduced, but with an ironic point of view.
The color scheme fits both in a modern reduced household, but also in an environment with a lot of natural wood furniture (Not to say with a lot of wood in front of the cottage.).

The body is a beech wood rotating body from the Peppers Delight series, painted white and then hand-painted as a unique piece by Stoyan Dobrev, then finished with a colorless protective varnish.

(Note: The motifs on this mill are freely from the hand of the artist and are intended to / may stimulate the imagination in the home).

WauWau stainless steel pepper grinder with fine adjustment, filled with black organic pepper Tellichery

Size: ca.25cm

Delivery time: 14 working days


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