Tsai-Ju #0720

Tsai-Ju #0720


This series of mills called "Tsai-Ju" were designed by artist Tsai-Ju Wu. Tsai-Ju Wu studies at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Tsai-Ju Wu for WauWau Pepper Mills

Artist Tsai-Ju Wu in front of one of her works.

Her work is characterized by monochrome structures; these pervade the surface, come out of nowhere and disappear into nowhere. They curl up, grow together, separate again and continue on their way. The objects they occupy are accentuated and (re)structured in the process. Lines and dots sometimes lie closer together, then again they scatter. Tsai-ju Wu works monochrome in black and white, the structures appear soft, playful and intuitive.

This mill series is characterized by the lightness of Asian brushwork. Discreet and yet unmistakable in the language of form.

The mills of the series "Tsai-Ju" are turned from beech wood, painted black and then painted by hand. With a 2 component varnish colorless protective lacquer then these works of art are ready for the (pepper) everyday life at the lunch table!

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