Masterpieces Edition: Medusa

Masterpieces Edition: Medusa



A pepper mill from the WauWau Masterpieces Edition.

Table culture at its best!

Medusa was initially a beguiling beauty, but transformed by Pallas Athena into a monster... Perseus should finally decapitate her (one knows this image from art history), which he succeeded with various means and finesses without harming himself.
After all, from Medusa's body Pegasus was born, the winged horse. Yes - the mythology. But see for yourself!

Artist Stoyan Dobrev paints exclusively for WauWau pepper mills. The unique mills of the Masterpiece Edition are unique in the world and probably represent more than an everyday pepper mill.

This model certainly belongs to the upper league what pepper mills can offer so. Not only is it a unique piece of an artist living in Vienna, it was also made in Vienna. Where can you find something like that?

The pepper grinder from our own workshop is designed for durability and is therefore made of stainless steel. We therefore also do not use plastic parts, which can only become brittle and break over the years. Our mills are a joy for life, in use as well as a decorative object.

Filled this pepper mill is a black organic pepper from India of the variety "Tellichery".

Unique, hand painted
Surface sealed with a 2 component protective lacquer and suitable for everyday use
Size: approx. 25cm

Delivery time EU: 3-5 working days

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