Souvenir Edition - Sissi

Souvenir Edition - Sissi


This edition is created in cooperation with the artist Stoyan, who paints each mill individually.
The painting shows the Empress Elisabeth (Sissi) and the equestrian statue at Heldenplatz in Vienna (Prince Eugene).
In improbable detail he draws the individual motifs on the body of the Peppers Delight pepper mill, then a protective lacquer is applied, so nothing stands in the way of daily use of the mill.

Since the motifs are painted without a stencil, they may differ slightly from each other or deviate slightly from this photo: that's handmade!

Equipped with the proven WauWau stainless steel grinder from our own production.

WauWau stainless steel grinder with fine adjustment, filled with organic pepper Tellichery

Size: approx. 25cm

Delivery time EU: 3-5 working days

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Weight 4,5 kg


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