Bird Eye Organic Chili from Uganda

Bird Eye Organic Chili from Uganda


Matching the WauWau Chili Mill: Bird Eye Organic Chili

Dried organic chili peppers as a spicy seasoning in the kitchen and at the table are addictive!

We fill our WauWau chili mills standard with this organic chili of the variety Bird Eye, the dried pods come from Uganda and are cultivated in controlled organic farming. #organicafrica

According to the wholesaler from whom I get these chilies, they correspond to the heat level of 100,000 SHU (Scoville Units). In my opinion, they are rather medium to hot, but you screw up in the chili perception known as time. For example, I find dried habaneros hotter. However, these Bird Eye are rather dry in taste and thus actually fit to any dish that you would like to have spicy, Habneros, however, are rather fruity and have a more characteristic taste.

Try it out!

Bird Eye Organic Chili
dried pods
Package 35g

Delivery time: 3-5 workdays

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