HOT Chili mill black/ aluminum/ red

HOT Chili mill black/ aluminum/ red


The WauWau Hot Chili Mill will become your daily spicy companion - beware of addiction!

From now on, nothing stands in the way of 150,000 Scoville Heat Units on the palate!!!

A stainless steel axle, which is moved by means of the red bracket, drives a driver disc that grates the chili pepper over a sharp perforated plate. Small chili flakes trickle out. Since the handle works very smoothly, you can dose well by the number of revolutions - which is good for very hot chili the sensitive palate.

The mill consists of a beech wood body, which is satin lacquered in the black version, and comes stained, sanded over and oiled in the "vintage" version.

Each WAUWAU Chili Mill comes with a portion of BIO Chili Bird Eye.

The goal of this development in the chili grinder market was to produce a grinder that can grind the whole pepperoncini pod without having to crush it before filling. The grinding process is also entirely focused on the pod, working on a completely different principle than the pepper grinder. The pod is not ground into powder, but "torn" into flakes.

Size: approx. 11cm
Delivery time EU: 3-5 working days



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