Sausage Chili Mill

Sausage Chili Mill


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A special kind of chili mill: with frankfurter sausage!

This chili grinder is of course from the WauWau workshop. A black wooden base made of stained and oiled beech wood contains the WauWau stainless steel grinder, as a handle serves a sausage - of course not for eating, but one made of beech wood. This is a so-called "Frankfurter sausage", at least that's what it's called here in Vienna. Everywhere else in the world this sausage is called: "Wiener Wurst", in Switzerland even "Wienerli"! This mill is a unique piece and can be combined well with the WauWau sausage pepper mill or -also stylish- with the pepper mill Ben.

WauWau chili grinder for dried chili peppers
Beech wood stained and oiled
Size: ca.14cm

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