Coffee grinder Beanie 25 - aluminum / brass

Coffee grinder Beanie 25 - aluminum / brass


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WauWau coffee grinder: Beanie 25

Coffee enjoyment at the highest level: a coffee grinder made in Austria.

Beanie is a coffee grinder from the WauWau workshop with a WauWau stainless steel cone grinder for manual operation. By means of a fine adjustment screw on the bottom of the grinder, the grinder can be regulated in the degree of grinding and thus provides the ideal coffee grain size for the respective coffee brewing method: Espresso, Aeropress, French Press, filter coffee and the like.

The key data:

  • High quality stainless steel cone grinder from WauWau workshop
  • Adjusting screw with fine thread for precise, stepless grind adjustment
  • Axle mounted in a bronze guide bush
  • Aluminum mill body
  • Capacity approx.25-30 grams of beans (depending on the weight of the beans)
  • Filling opening can be closed as a turntable
  • Crank removable if required (e.g. for travel)
  • Crank knob made of beech wood in pleasant, ergonomic size, co-rotating
  • Produced in Vienna in our own workshop (Made in Austria)

Take your time for a cup of home-brewed coffee! Freshly ground by hand, it is the gentlest way to grind coffee beans and you will notice this in the aroma of the coffee. This is the way to celebrate coffee culture at the highest level!

Total size: ca.19cm
Crank stainless steel with beech knob
Body made of aluminum
Collecting vessel made of solid brass
Stainless steel cone grinder with fine adjustment screw

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