The TICTOCv2 - a pepper mill for connoisseurs!

The TICTOCv2 is a perfect travel companion for people who do not want to do without high-quality pepper. The noble piece was turned from solid aluminum, is slightly larger than the WauWau Mini and has a little more filling volume. To protect against unwanted pepper crumbs in the luggage, the TICTOC has a screwable bottom lid, it is not waterproof, but thus already protected from external influences.

The TICTOC fits comfortably in the hand and is easy to operate thanks to the knurling on the mill head.
Equipped with a WauWau stainless steel mill, the WauWau TICTOC is a reliable and efficient seasoning partner when traveling and can quickly compensate for the often neglected pepper offers in the various restaurants.
Perfect also on the boat, camping site, camper or picnic.

WauWau TICTOCv2 (a further development of the WauWau TICTOC from 2005).
Aluminum, size: diameter 45 mm, height 70 mm/ weight: 194 g (filled with black organic pepper Tellichery )
WauWau stainless steel grinder with fine adjustment

Delivery time EU: 3-5 working days

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