Chili mill Crank me - beech black / red

Chili mill Crank me - beech black / red


Crank me!

As the name suggests, you operate this mill by means of a crank - simply held in brushed stainless steel and very user-friendly. The WauWau chili grinder for dried chili peppers has proven very successful and is therefore also used in this model. It is very smooth, also you can control the chili dosage very well by the number of turns of the crank.

The body in this case is made of oiled and black stained beech wood, it looks elegant and fits on any table.

To refill this mill, unscrew the pin on the crank axle, lift off the crank, and then take off the colored lid. Very Easy.

Each WAUWAU Chili Mill comes with a portion of BIO Chili Bird Eye.

Size: ca.11cm

Delivery time EU: 3-5 working days


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