Masterpiece: The Hunting Diana

Masterpiece: Hunting Diana

A handpainted pepper grinder of WauWau “Masterpiece Collection”

“The Hunting Diana” is a handpainted pepper grinder made by special order.
Stoyan Dobrev is one of the talented artists working together with WauWau peppermills, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and works as a free artist now. We are happy to have him in our team, Stoyan paints the WauWau “Monster Edition” as well as the WauWau “Masterpiece Collection“.

This pepper grinder is made on  special demand, the painting shows the bowhunting Diana (a portrait of the costumers wife), his dog and a mouflon he has been hunted once.

This pepper grinder is made of beech wood, handpainted and then protected by varnish to make this grinder ready for everday use at the table. Equipped with a WauWau stainless steel grinding mechanism it will work efficiently and last a life time.

Price on demand:
Delivery time: 4-6 weeks