WauWau Spicy/Polly Molly mill set maple nature

WauWau Spicy/Polly Molly mill set maple nature


WauWau Spicy & Polly Molly Nutmeg Mill

Mill set maple nature

Pepper belongs freshly ground and also the nutmeg, otherwise the aroma dissipates and only sneezing powder remains. These two mills are not only practical in the kitchen, but also at the table.
Fresh and bright, these mills convey even more good mood!

Size of the mills: ca.11cm/14cm

WauWau Pepper Mill Spicy Maple natural: WauWau stainless steel pepper grinder with fine adjustment, filled with black organic pepper Tellichery.

WauWau nutmeg grinder Polly Molly natural maple: Swiss nutmeg grinder, equipped with an organic nutmeg...

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