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Mai/Juni, 2022

The Good Life Magazin, Mai/Juni 2022The Good Life Magazin, Mai/Juni 2022

C’est notre coup de cœur: la boutique du designer Thomas Kreuz, un amoureux du poivre, qui a 􏰔ni par ne plus dessiner que des poivriers, puis, par extension, des ustensiles pour tout ce qui se broie : poivre, piment, noix de muscade, café, sel… Les objets sont d’une rare élégance et les mécanismes, fabriqués à la main, permettent de régler le degré de 􏰔nesse. Un outil inaltérable pour cuisiniers raf􏰔nés.

Vienna – The Sunday Times

March 18, 2018
Saturday morning, 7th district

article in The Sunday Times

…Schmuck Stück showcases Sabina Ebner’s delicate jewellery (rings from £13,; Handschuh am Neubau has been selling gloves for more than 50 years (from £60,; and at Wauwau, they turn their own peppermills on a lathe (from £50;

No Grind for Thomas!

(Text by Nigel A. James)


It is the familiar sights which make up the popular images of the cities which we know; but, it is in the back streets where the magic of urban character is to be found, and, it was whilst making my way along Vienna’s Westbahnstrasse that I discovered Wauwau, a small shop specializing in the advancement of very good taste! And Thomas Kreuz, the owner of this very unusual establishment, does more than just own!


Wauwau is all about pepper-mills. Not the industrial kind that all of us are used to, but superb hand crafted pieces, and all carefully and expertly made by Thomas Kreuz in his work-shop. He has all shapes and sizes; big ones, small ones, plain classical ones, and colourful ones, too. And his functional practical works of fine art are as varied and as interesting as he is himself.
It was as a student of applied arts in Vienna, that Thomas, a former goldsmith, discovered his present way in life. He hit upon the idea of making pepper-mills whilst preparing for a project as part of his studies, and, with his well practiced eye, he was able to design and produce items of sheer unique beauty. But, as he says, it is the wood that gives them that “very special something”.
And working with wood is a challenge. Because, unlike gold, you only have one chance to succeed. Gold, after all, can be melted down again and again, wood can’t. And pepper-mills, unlike jewellery, play a very big and very permanent role in everyone’s life.
We all like good food! And pepper is a question of taste, and everyone’s table demands not only a salt-cellar but a pepper-mill, as well. And, it is thanks to Thomas, that we now have the chance of providing our tables with a beautiful one-off centre piece of rare and functional art.
But, the life of this craftsman isn’t only the grind of hard work. He is the father of two very fine children, a boy and a girl; and his wife, Ursula, is an artist as well. She is a sculptor of stone, and some of her work can also be seen in Wauwau.
Stone, wood, and taste! Three very important elements (plus a little more!) and all in one little shop, Wauwau.


Wauwau. 1070 Wien. Westbahnstrasse 7 (very close to Neubaugasse and on the corner of Hermanngasse)


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