WauWau Pomellati #02

WauWau Pomellati #02


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Now it's getting colorful!

The mills of the series Pomellati are characterized by colorfulness, they are colorful, playful and individual. This set has been hand-painted by the artist Tsai-Ju Wu. The coloring by pasty acrylic paints creates a special feel on the surface of the mills and emphasizes the vivid of the play of colors.
So that the mills are also fit for everyday use, both were coated with a high-quality clear lacquer protective.

Equipped with a WauWau stainless steel grinder for pepper and a WauWau salt grinder. The fine adjustment is made by means of a screw on the bottom of the mill.
Filled with organic Tellichery pepper and saline salt.

Total height: ca.25cm
Delivery time: ca.4 workdays

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