Stainless steel saucer

Stainless steel saucer


WauWau stainless steel saucer

Pepper mills or salt mills crumble a little when you put them back on the table. With the WauWau saucer, the crumbs are collected and it also prevents crumbs from landing on the table. The plate is simply put on the bottom of the grinder and is very easy to handle. Visually, this plate fits well with the mill and forms a finished finish.
We manufacture this plate from high quality stainless steel, sturdy and classy look fit into any household.
We think peppercorns should be ground fresh, yet this container collects the remaining crumbs and offers the possibility to be economical with this spice.

WauWau stainless steel saucer, suitable as an extension for WauWau pepper and salt mills.

We offer different diameters:

DM48mm for Spicy, Coburg, Tino
DM53mm for Ben, Peppers Delight, Stella

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DM48mm, DM53mm

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