Spicy lighthouse LT2

Spicy lighthouse LT2

120,00 - 127,00

Caution! Danger of addiction!

A lighthouse pepper mill of a special kind

The series Spicy lighthouse was created from a custom design for a lighthouse lover and pepper mill collector.
Well, both themes can also ignite passions separately from each other.

I was looking for a mill that transports emotions for some time. A lighthouse at home on the table reminds of foaming sea, steep rocks and romantic vacation!
After producing a few lighthouse prototypes, I decided on the Lt1,LT2 and LT3.

Both are made of beech wood, painted red, finished by hand and of course equipped with the proven WauWau grinder, which is produced by ourselves.

Pepper mill Spicy lighthouse LT 2
Small edition

Beech wood red / white lacquered.
Size: ca.26 cm

WauWau stainless steel grinder with fine adjustment, filled with organic pepper Tellichery.
WauWau special salt grinder with fine adjustment (extra charge 7.-), filled with coarse Austrian saline salt.

Delivery time EU: 3-5 working days

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Pepper grinder, salt grinder


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