Popup Turnround - Curved blue

Popup Turnround - Curved blue

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Popup Turnround Pepper Mill - a peppery table sculpture

The Popup Turnround pepper mill comes from a series that has a certain representative size and is also an eye-catcher from the decor. With its 30cm it already measures a stately mill size and certainly also has the function of a poppy table sculpture. The dynamic stripes emphasize the rotating character of the wooden body and indicate - through the spontaneous hand painting - the individual design. Let's pop!

The Popup Turnround Pepper Mill was turned from high-quality beech wood, then primed and painted white. Last but not least, the mill is then again clamped in the lathe and then gets rotating the blue decorative stripes. The high-quality 2-component varnish guarantees durability in daily use.

As with all WAUWAU pepper mills, the pepper grinder comes from the WauWau manufacture and impresses with its grinding efficiency and quality of workmanship. At the bottom of the mill is a screw that offers the possibility to adjust the grind of the pepper uncomplicated as desired.
To refill the mill, unscrew the ball on top, pull off the wooden top and can now fill the peppercorns.

Delivery time EU: 3-5 days

WauWau Pepper Mill Popup Turnround
Beech white, hand painted
Size: approx. 30cm

WauWau stainless steel pepper grinder with fine adjustment, filled with black organic pepper Tellichery.
WauWau special salt grinder with fine adjustment, filled with coarse Austrian salt.


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Pepper grinder, salt grinder

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Black, Aluminum, Red, Blue

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