Mill set Peppers Delight walnut/cherry

Mill set Peppers Delight walnut/cherry


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Mill set Peppers Delight walnut/cherry

This mill set is characterized by the two woods used walnut wood and cherry wood. Both are very robust and dense in structure, the grain is similar and therefore they fit very well together.
The walnut mill is equipped with a stainless steel grinder for pepper, the cherry wood mill is equipped with a special grinder made of aluminum, which is both food safe and salt resistant.

The slim shape of the mills lies very well in the hand due to its waist and is therefore also suitable for smaller hands. The shape was also designed rather reduced, so without frills, and is therefore a beautiful timeless object. The narrow, about 25cm high form has on the one hand a good filling volume, but fits excellently on the table without disturbing, it looks very elegant. In the kitchen, this size fits very well, because you can neatly grab!

The mills of the Peppers Delight series made of natural wood are protected on the surface with a hard wax oil, it is easy to clean with clean water and can also be re-oiled at any time. The wood thus remains timelessly beautiful. Depending on the incidence of light at home, the wood will change a little in color, the cherry probably darken a little, but I find this positive. Wood is a natural material and it shows in its surfaces! In general, you can say that these objects become more beautiful with age!

Size: ca.25cm

Walnut natural with black ball: WauWau stainless steel pepper grinder with fine adjustment, filled with black organic pepper Tellichery.
Cherry natural with silver ball: WauWau special salt grinder with fine adjustment, filled with coarse Austrian saline salt.

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