Model brothel #MB1802

Model brothel #MB1802


"Model Bordello" brings pepper to the table!!! Hand-painted pepper mill from the house WauWau with erotic motif.

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Colorful hustle and bustle at the mill

A WauWau pepper mill with erotic motifs

This special pepper mill from the house WauWau was hand painted with erotic motifs.

The body is a beech wood rotary body from the Peppers Delight series, painted black and then hand-painted as a unique piece by Stoyan Dobrev, then finished with a colorless protective lacquer.

The motifs on this mill are freely from the hand of the artist and should / can stimulate the imagination in the home.

Size: approx. 25 cm

WauWau stainless steel pepper grinder with fine adjustment, filled with organic pepper Tellichery

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