Hot Pepper 122

Hot Pepper 122


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Caution fire department! Sharp!

Our showroom is located in Vienna near a fire station. Several times a day, the guardians of the fire rush along the street, turn on the siren at the intersection, turn the corner with squealing (but not smoking) tires - and obviously feel quite comfortable.

This mill is dedicated to the professional firefighters and also to all the men of the volunteer firefighters.

The design language of the "HOT PEPPER 122" is reminiscent of the shape of fire extinguishers, naturally painted in signal red. A star-shaped handle made of Bakelite serves as the turning mechanism, the filling opening is located on the side and can be opened by a black Bakelite ball. The mill is very handy to use. Due to its size (ca.32 cm) a proper eye-catcher at the table, which you do not necessarily have to put back on the shelf!

WauWau stainless steel grinder with fine adjustment, filled with organic pepper Tellichery

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