WauWau Spicy/Polly Molly Grinder Set Maple

WauWau Spicy/Polly Molly Grinder Set Maple


WauWau pepper grinder Spicy & nutmeg grinder Polly Molly

Grinder set: natural maplewood

Pepper, and also the nutmeg should be fresh grind! This grinder set is perfect for the dining table and also for cooking!

Size: approx.11cm/14cm

WauWau pepper grinder Spicy natural maplewood: WauWau stainless-steel pepper grinder mechanism with fine adjustment, filled with organic black pepper Tellichery

WauWau nutmeg grinder Polly Molly natural maplewood: Swiss nutmeg grinder mechanism, stock with an organic nutmeg nut from Sonnentor


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