The Pirate Bride pepper grinder

The Pirate Bride pepper grinder



The size – only 7.5 cm – makes this a real travel pepper grinder. It also fits on the table or in the camper or in the car or in the back pack or……. The “Pirate Bride grinder” is the little sister of the “Little Sailor” and has the best characteristics to be a travel-mill: it’s small. The minimum size of 7.5 cm comes from the Swiss grinder used in all WauWau mills. If it were smaller, it would not only be less handy to use but also less efficient in grinding. These grinders are a WauWau must as they are the heart of our mills. The 7 centimeters are divided into the rotatable top (the face) and the body from walnut wood. The nut wood was finely polished and oiled therefore sealing the pores and protecting it from dirt. Cleanable with water, the oil protects the surface but frequent use will give the nut wood an ever beautifying patina. The top of “the Pirate Bride grinder” is also crafted here in Vienna’s 7th district. The aluminum is milled from one block, deburred and then polished. Of course, a woman of the seas also needs an ear-ring like the sailor, also from copper. In the other ear, this “trophy wife” carries a bling, namely a valuable Swarovski Zirconia. The sailor has a grim look but of course the “Pirate Bride grinder” is puckering her lips and her bandana is covering one eye. The nose of the sea-woman is a black Bakelite ball which is removed together with the aluminum top to refill the mill. According to my experience, the content will last for a little more than 4 days – but I am a busy spicer! The grinder itself is stainless-steel and the other grinding parts are made from hardened stainless-steel. The mechanics were adapted to cutting peppercorns which means that the intake angle and also the size of the grinding “teeth” are in line with the size and consistency of the peppercorns. According to my experience, the black, green and white pepper are best suited for the grinder. Also pepper with the stem attached can be used but the red “pepper” is too soft and can congest the mill – besides it is usually not real pepper but a berry. Either way – with The Pirate Bride grinder, you will have a reliable companion for your journeys abroad or even to the next restaurant.

WauWau Travel Pepper Grinder: The Pirate Bride

WauWau stainless-steel pepper grinder mechanism with fine adjustment, filled with organic black pepper Tellichery
WauWau special salt grinder mechanism with fine adjustment (extra charge €7.-), filled with coarse sea salt

oiled walnutwood

Size: small 7.5 cm/ large 11.5 cm

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small 7.5cm, large 11.5cm


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