HOT Chili Grinder

HOT Chili Grinder



No more stopping the sensation of 150.000 Scoville Heat Units!


A stainless steel axis moved by a red lever powers a friction disk rubbing the chilli pepper over a sharp grater. Out come little chilli flakes. The ease of the lever allows good control of the rotations – benefiting the palate when grinding very hot chilli. The grinder has a beech wood body which is varnished semi-glossy in the black version and stained, polished and oiled in the „vintage“ version. The lever is a red-anodised aluminum plate on top of which is a black Bakelite ball. Each WauWau chilli grinder is delivered with a portion of organic chilli peppers.

The aim of this development in the (chili grinder) sector was to create a mill that can grind the whole chilli pod without the need of chopping before filling the mill. The grinding process is also optimized to chilli and uses a different principle than for grinding pepper. The chilli pepper is not pulverized but shredded to little flakes.

Size: approx. 11cm

WauWau chili pepper grinder mechanism, filled with organic chili Bird Eye


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