WauWau Travel Pepper Grinder: Mini & TICTOC

WauWau travel pepper grinders

Mini and TicToc –  spicy travel companions by WauWau

What do you do as a pepper fan in different countries, strange hotels and restaurants? You step into the unknown and take a risk TIC TOC is the solution to this dilema – after all freshly ground, quality pepper is essential for good food!  TIC TOC is a travel-size pepper mill with many practical features: small and handy, at the bottom where the pepper comes out there is a cap to keep the pepper in the mill and not in your bag, high quality WauWau stainless steel grinder  ensuring high grinding efficiency and longevity, continuous fine tuning of the degree of grinding at the bottom of the mill

and a time-less and elegant look for her and for him.

A pure bliss for pepper aficionados!


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