Souvenir from Vienna!

Souvenir from Vienna

A souvenir from Vienna!

A good friend and customer is going to California soon - and what is he taking with him as a host gift from his home country? A WauWau pepper mill!
This model was painted by our house and court painter Stoyan with Vienna motifs, which you just have to have seen in Vienna! However, of the Vienna-Must-have-seen only a few go out on a mill: we have opted for St. Stephen's Cathedral, Ferris wheel, Karlskirche (2xChurch because the gift recipients are believers) and Prince Eugene.

But since this mill is hand-painted, we or the painter with souvenir motifs are quite flexible. I think even the spinner on the cross he would immortalize if the desire would be there.

This souvenir mill is equipped with a WauWau stainless steel grinder, which of course also comes from our workshop in Vienna.
So that the painting is suitable for everyday use, the mill is additionally coated with a 2 component lacquer.
Last but not least, the pepper mill is then also filled with black organic pepper.

Thus, the gift recipients in California can start peppering right away, in memory of Vienna.