Cooking with Sby: Carbonara con asparagi!

Carbonara con asparagi:

Sby keeps cooking and we are there!

Sby from brings us the Italian cuisine into the house - no, actually into the WauWau workshop with its own kitchen - as a true Italian (from Modena) he knows what is important. The first part of the cooking series was dedicated to the classic recipe. Spaghetti alla Carbonara dedicated. The heart of this dish is on the one hand the special pasta, on the other hand certainly the bacon: a guanciale.

Now this carbonara can be modified quite well, currently is asparagus season here in Austria, there was Sby's idea to prepare carbonara with asparagus. The bacon is omitted, the asparagus is sautéed in olive oil. What remains the same is the creamy binding of egg yolk and cheese, in this case a mixture of Pecorino Romano and Parmigiano. The Pecorino tastes rather tart and a little bitter, while the Parmigiano is sweet. This mixture makes it, I would say, I think you can see that quite well in our facial expressions afterwards when tasting.

What seems important to me in the preparation of this recipe is the leisure with which Sby goes to work. Stirring the noodles in the sauce for so long until a really creamy consistency is achieved. It just takes a while. Keep adding pasta water, not boiling, otherwise the egg will set. And then everything was for the cat!

I suggest: just try it yourself. Will already go wrong!
But especially one thing to remember: there are few ingredients, they must be of good quality for it, there you should not save!

Green asparagus(tips) 300g (for 2 persons)
Pasta Sgambaro No.12, di Treviso 300g (serves 2)
Grated Pecorino Romano
Parmigiano grated
Egg yolk
Olive oil
Organic black pepper Tellichery from the mill
Organic white pepper Sofa from Sri Lanka from the mill
Salt from the mill
Garlic (with peel!)

Pasta water